President Trump Releases Campaign Video Showing All The Times He’s Denounced White Supremacy

President Donald Trump released a campaign video on Tuesday with the sole intent of destroying the false narrative pushed by the mainstream media that claims he has never come out and denounced white supremacy.

This particular line of “malarkey” to use a favorite phrase of Sleepy Joe’s, has been pushed from the very beginning of his first presidential campaign. Many hours of news coverage has been dedicated to soaking viewers’ minds in this particular lie, brainwashing them into thinking the president is racist.

via Daily Wire:

“The Trump campaign rolled out a nearly 5-minute-long video of the president, featuring video clips from as recently as this month, to his 2016 presidential campaign, and dating all the way back to an interview Trump gave to Matt Lauer in the early 2000s, where he denounced White supremacy and ‘disavowed’ White supremacist groups,” Fox News reported. “The video comes after Biden and Harris have criticized Trump, casting him as a racist and claiming he has not denounced White supremacy, and also comes as part of the Trump campaign’s final pitch to win over Black voters ahead of Election Day.”

The video actually provides 38 examples of the president denouncing white supremacy. Here is a small sample of those:


  • From recent NBC News townhall: “I denounce white supremacy, okay?”

  • From recent NBC News townhall: “Are you listening? I denounce white supremacy. What’s your next question?”

  • From recent NBC News townhall: “I denounce white supremacy.”

  • From recent NBC News townhall: “You start off with white supremacy, I denounce it.”

The president has made it clear time and time again that he in no way, shape, or form, supports white supremacy. How much clearer does he have to make it? How many times does he have to say it before the mainstream media will accept it?

Truth is, they’ll never accept it. It’s a weapon in their arsenal to stop him from winning a second term as president. Sad, but true.