President Trump Records Farewell Video

President Donald Trump has recorded a farewell video to bid this great nation of ours goodbye on the last day of his presidency and to make way for the “new administration.” The video is to be released Tuesday.

CNN is reporting that the president recorded his message with a small staff Monday evening. In the video he mentions the “new administration” and then discusses his achievements during the four years of his term.

CNN stated that it’s unclear if Trump will offer a concession in the video recording.

via Newsmax:

The president is expected to spend his last full day in office issuing pardons and commutations, and could sign several executive orders, but his official schedule is mostly empty according to CNN. First lady Melania Trump issued a farewell message on Monday.

Trump is expected to deliver his final remarks as president from Joint Base Andrews on Wednesday, where he will receive a full military-style ceremony before his departure. The organizers of the event are reportedly hoping to draw a large crowd for the occasion despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Some White House aides told CNN that Trump seemed uninterested in making a final, formal statement to the country despite pushes from his staff to deliver a prime-time address or pre-recorded message that focuses on his accomplishments. Aides also said that Trump has yet to write a letter to his successor like the one former President Barack Obama left for him.

President Trump is far from a perfect man. He’s made more than a fair share of missteps during his four years in the White House. That being said, he also kept his word on a lot of his promises. He delivered on solid policies that actually benefited the people of our country.

With that being said, it sucks that the new commander-in-chief is so far to the left. We must pray for our country and then take proper, legal, and obviously PEACEFUL actions to restore our republic and preserve the founding principles that make her so amazing.