President Trump Pulls Out Of Michigan Lawsuit

President Trump’s presidential campaign has officially withdrawn from the federal lawsuit in Michigan after attorney Rudy Giuliani says that they have received the “relief” they were looking for.

The announcement came from a statement being attributed to Giuliani who is in a leading role concerning the campaign’s legal actions to try and ensure the election was free and fair.

“This morning, we are withdrawing our lawsuit in Michigan as a direct result of achieving the relief we sought: to stop the election in Wayne County from being prematurely certified before residents can be assured that every legal vote has been counted and every illegal vote has not been counted,” the attorney said.

via Washington Examiner:

According to court documents, the Trump campaign voluntarily dismissed the federal lawsuit on Thursday morning. In the motion, campaign lawyer Mark “Thor” Hearne cites the move by Wayne County Board of Canvassers Chairwoman Monica Palmer and William Hartmann to rescind their support for certifying the election results in Wayne County, where the Democratic stronghold of Detroit is located.

The Trump campaign’s motion to withdraw includes sworn affidavits signed by Palmer and Hartmann. The board was initially deadlocked 2-2 with Palmer and Hartmann, the two Republicans on the board, voting to oppose certification and the two Democrats on the board voting in favor. After the deadlock, the two Republicans faced an intense public comment period where they were accused of racism and repeatedly insulted. Hours later they voted to certify with the demand that the state conduct an audit of precincts with out-of-balance poll books.

In their affidavits, the duo said they don’t believe that the state intends to carry through with the board’s request for an audit and claimed that they wouldn’t have voted to certify had they known the request would not be carried out.

What does this mean for the future of our country? Well, if this continues, it means Joe Biden will be living in the White House come January. At this point, that seems like the most likely outcome.

Will we ever know if Biden really, truly got there fair and square? Probably not. This does not bode well for the future of elections in our country, folks.