President Trump Makes Speech On Day One Of Convention, Completely Eschewing Tradition

President Trump did something that no previous presidential candidate has ever done before, defying the tradition of all the Republican National Conventions that had come before and delivered a speech on day one of the event, before the programming even began.

Now, as you might imagine, this didn’t sit well with Democrats. Why? That’s a good question. Probably because they hate the president with the intensity of a thousand burning suns.

Regardless, they accused him of making the move because of his vanity, a deep desire to be out in the spotlight. Because the MO of the Democratic Party right now is to attack President Trump all day, every day, even if it doesn’t make sense to do so.

Here’s more on this from The Washington Examiner:

In the first hour of the evening programming, Trump appeared in the East Room of the White House with a trucker, a nurse, law enforcement officers, a postal worker, and others who provided essential services through the pandemic.

“When crisis came, millions of everyday Americans rose to the challenge,” he said in a voiceover to a video montage. “In their actions, we see the true greatness of the American character. We always find a way to victory.”

Later, he met hostages who had been freed from captivity around the world, six of the 50 he said had been freed by his administration.

“We got you all back, and we have some more that we are working on,” he said in a moment that offered a chance to highlight foreign policy successes in an intimate, chat show-like setting.

There’s nothing this president can do that won’t earn him the ire of the mainstream media. It’s clear these folks are in the pocket of the big wigs behind the Democratic Party and have agreed to be a propaganda machine for their agenda.

Trump will never get a fair shake. Ever. But that’s okay. He doesn’t need one. The president has proven time and again that he is a master at dealing with the media. He essentially uses them against themselves and they don’t even seem to be aware of it happening.

Here’s to four more years of Trump.