President Trump Intends To Debate Joe Biden On Oct. 15, Despite Fight Against Coronavirus

President Trump is still planning to attend the presidential debate that is scheduled for October 15, despite it taking place less than two weeks after he first contracted COVID-19, according to news from Trump 2020 Communications Director Tim Murtaugh.

This totally destroys that wacky theory leftists were spreading around on social media, saying that Trump’s illness was a total hoax designed to help him get out of the next two debates.

via Fox News:

“The President intends to debate,” Murtaugh said.

Murtaugh’s comment came less than an hour after the president left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he had been receiving treatment for COVID-19 since Friday, and returned to the White House.

The campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has already made it clear that he will travel to Florida for the next debate.

Symone Sanders, a senior campaign adviser for Joe Biden, stated over the weekend that Biden is “looking forward” to the upcoming debate, especially since it’s one that is town hall style, and is hoping the president will be recovered enough to attend.

“We are looking forward to the debate on Oct. 15 in Miami,” Sanders said in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” program. “It’s a town hall and, as you know, Vice President Biden loves a good town hall.”

Sanders also said, “And we are hoping President Trump can participate. We’re hoping that he’s medically able to participate, and that is up to his doctors to clear him. But Joe Biden will be at that debate.”

Here’s to hoping we get another chance to see these two go head-to-head on October 15.