President Trump Grinds Axe Against Obama, Says He Was ‘One Of The Worst Presidents’ In History

I think it’s safe to say that President Trump is not a member of the official Barack Obama fan club, especially after he commented this week that he was the worst president in American history.

Harsh? No. Not really. Not when you consider the fact that Obama almost completely crashed the healthcare system with his horrendous Affordable Care Act. Oh and then there’s the 75 violations of the Constitution he committed while in office.

Oh and how about the whole IRS targeting scandal? Or the more recent “Obamagate” where the former administration had the FBI spy on Trump?

There’s plenty of ammunition for Trump to have such deep running hostilities toward the former President. Add to that the fact he recently criticized the Trump administration for their handling of the coronavirus outbreak, and well, it was only a matter of time before Trump punched back.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner:

“I think President Obama was one of the worst presidents in the history of our country. I think he was an incompetent president,” Trump said during a session with reporters at the White House. “He left a broken military. ISIS was all over the place, and I got rid of it, I knocked out 100% of the caliphate. And when I came in, it was a mess. … We had a broken military, we had a depleted military, we had little on the shelves if you talk about pandemics.”

Newly released documents in the case of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn reveal FBI agents under Obama pushed ahead with a counterintelligence investigation against Flynn despite a lack of evidence. Trump has accused Obama of committing “the biggest political crime in American history, by far.”

Trump, during a virtual town hall with Fox News, took a swipe at the former administration for practically leaving him with nothing to work with when the pandemic hit American shores.

“I inherited empty, empty — no ammunition. Our military was bad. We rebuilt our military — $1.5 trillion. We have the best military, by far, in the world. … But you know what? Also, medically, we had empty cupboards.”

You’d think by now that folks would learn that if you poke the bear, you’re going to get his teeth, but it’s like the left just can’t help themselves. Almost makes you feel sorry for them.