President Trump, First Lady Try to Pay Respects To RBG, Get Booed By Angry Crowd

Just how disrespectful are leftists in this country? How about interrupting the president and first lady attempting to pay their respects to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who lays in state on the porch of the Supreme Court?

The president and his bride, both sporting black masks, came out on the porch and bowed their heads and closed their eyes in a moment of mourning for RBG, but alas, they were afforded no peace to do such a thing as they were greeted with shouts of “Vote him out!” and “Honor her wish!” Plus the booing.

via Daily Wire:

The fight to replace Ginsburg has already become a heated partisan issue, with many Democrats demanding that Trump and Senate Republicans honor what was reportedly Ginsburg’s “most fervent wish” that she not be replaced until after the inauguration.

Earlier this week, even a ceremonial resolution introduced by Republicans intended to honor the late justice became a point of contention after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) attempted to slip in an amendment about the alleged dying wish, which Trump has speculated was actually written by Democratic leadership to be used as an emotionalized political bludgeon. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) blocked the amended resolution.

Despite furious opposition from Democrats, Trump said he plans to name a new Supreme Court justice nominee on Saturday, after funeral ceremonies for Ginsburg are over. He has vowed to name a woman, and many speculate that he intends to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a conservative Roman Catholic.

It doesn’t matter what the president says or does, he’s going to be met with unfair criticism and hatred because leftists have been brainwashed by mainstream media to hate this man with a passion, believing things about him that are nothing but lies meant to defame him and ruin his reputation.

No, Trump is not perfect. Nor is anyone else, but that fact doesn’t matter. The marching orders from the socialist overlords is “Orange Man bad,” and that’s what they are running with, regardless of how much harm they do in the process.