President Prays…Public Pronounces Judgement

People are losing their minds over President Donald Trump receiving prayer from his Faith Advisory Board along with Vice President Mike Pence. The pure hate imminating from comments on Twitter is astounding. Apparently in the minds of many the once reality TV Star, playboy, billionaire real astate mogul has a soul that is beyond conversion or redemption. Even CNN’s Erin Burnett referred to it as “odd.” It would seem that Trump’s past sins and failures are bigger than God’s ability to forgive and save. How dare he attempt to change his life and demonstrate it with humble acts of worship. The lunacy of that judgmental logic should be self-evident.

Personally I’m thankful to see the leader of our country receiving prayer from respected Christian leaders. I was happy to see President Obama demonstrating the same. It is my hope, like everyone else, I would suspect, that the act is more than a public demonstration and an expression of a heart willing to submit to a Guidance higher than the Oval Office. Jack Graham, pastor of Dallas’ Prestonwood Baptist Church, and present member of the Faith Board stated that, “it was a prayer among friends for the President of the United States, who realizes his need for God.”

In the face of everything else we are dealing with in our divided country, when it comes to the relationship a soul has with God, why don’t we let Him be the judge?