President Joe Biden Says He’ll Run In 2024 Under One Condition

President Joe Biden stated on Wednesday that he would indeed run for reelection come 2024 as long as he remains in “the health I’m in now,” which is push back against a crop of rumors that have been floating around stating that he is considering to leave office after a single term in the White House, while also leaving the door open if things should change.

The remarks from the president came during an interview on ABC News program “World News Tonight.”

“If I’m in the health I’m in now – I’m in good health – then, in fact, I would run again,” the president said.

The president was then asked if a possible rematch with former President Donald Trump would increase the likelihood he would run again.

“You’re trying to tempt me now. Sure. Why would I not run against Donald Trump if he were the nominee? That would increase the prospect of running,” Biden continued.

via Daily Wire:

The interview also addressed the coronavirus pandemic, with Biden claiming the nation is in a better place than a year ago, yet admitting he wished he had ordered more tests “two months ago.”

Some rumors have also circulated that Vice President Kamala Harris may not run on the 2024 ticket with Biden.

Last week, The Daily Wire detailed the conversation between a reporter who asked White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, “I’m hoping you can clear something up here when it comes to the question of 2024. The Vice President did an interview with The Wall Street Journal. She was asked if she assumed that Biden would run again, and she didn’t say yes. She just said that the two of them hadn’t talked about it. Of course, you all and the President himself have said that he does plan to seek reelection. So what’s the disconnect here?”

“I can’t speak to a conversation that the Vice President and the President has,” Jean-Pierre responded. “I could only say what and reiterate what Jen (Psaki) has said and what the President has said himself. He is planning to run for reelection in 2024. I don’t have any more to add to that.”

The reporter decided to press forward saying, “But just to be clear, when the President says he plans to run again, he means with Harris on the ticket?”

“Yes, he does. There’s no change,” Jean-Pierre said. “Yes. Yes.”