President Biden Tosses Support Behind Newsom, Wants Voters To Reject Recall

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden finally weighed in on the recall race happening in the state of California concerning Gov. Gavin Newsom, stating he was going to support him as the race continues to grow tighter and tighter.

“Gov. [Gavin Newsom] is leading California through unprecedented crises—he’s a key partner in fighting the pandemic and helping build our economy back better. To keep him on the job, registered voters should vote no on the recall election by 9/14 and keep California moving forward,” the president tweeted on Thursday.

via Daily Wire:

On September 14, the recall election for Newsom will take place. Active registered voters in California will receive a ballot in the mail that includes two parts. The first part will ask voters if Newsom should be recalled, and the second part will involve voters selecting someone to replace Newsom if he is recalled. A majority vote is needed for the first question, but if he is recalled, the winner will be whoever receives the most votes out of all of the candidates. Newsom’s term ends January 2, 2023. 

According to The Hill, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki commented on Biden’s involvement in the election.

“I don’t — I wouldn’t say he’s following it particularly closely, in the sense that he’s got a lot on his agenda. But we certainly support Governor Newsom and have worked with him on a range of key issues, whether it’s the pandemic, addressing wildfires, growing the economy, and look forward to continuing to do so,” she said.

“He supports him,” Psaki went on to say on Wednesday. “I don’t have anything in terms of additional steps to preview for you.”

Well, in reality, with Biden’s backing, maybe that will finish sinking Newsom and someone who actually understands the principles of freedom will end up in the governor’s seat?

It’s worth hoping for, right?