President Biden Says The Most ‘Lethal Terrorist Threat’ To America Is White Supremacy

President Joe Biden stated that the “most lethal threat” to America is white supremacy in a recent speech given during a joint session of Congress, proving once and for all that he is a progressive hack.

Wouldn’t you like to know where all of this white supremacy is happening that Biden and his buddies keep talking about? It seems like the left thinks everything is white supremacy. How are they defining this term?

via Disrn:

Biden said that “terrorism has metastasized” in the past 20 years, adding that the threat has “evolved beyond Afghanistan.

“We won’t ignore what our intelligence agencies have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland today: White supremacy is terrorism,” Biden said. “We’re not going to ignore that either.”

Biden also addressed police reform legislation, among other topics.

This is just more posturing by liberals in their effort to keep us all separated along racial lines. If there’s one thing Democrats are very good at, it’s spinning a narrative that pits us all against one another.

Let’s hope real healing happens in this country sooner rather than later.