Politico Reporter Questions Legality Of Pelosi Security Footage Due To CA Being ‘Two-Party Consent’ State

It didn’t take long after security footage was reported on by Fox News showing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi being a huge hypocrite by breaking coronavirus restrictions in order to get her hair done at a salon for some white knight to come to her rescue.

Well, almost came to her rescue. The attempt, made by Politico reporter, Carla Marinucci, failed spectacularly after she tried to question whether or not reporting and posting the footage was legal due to California being a “two-party consent” state.

via The Daily Wire:

“Have to ask upon seeing this: Is it legal in CA – a “two party consent” state – to videotape someone in a private home or business without their consent?” Marinucci asked while linking to a Fox News report about Pelosi’s salon visit.

Attorneys quickly pointed out that it is legal to post security camera footage.

Had Marinucci been correct, it would have meant California businesses wouldn’t be allow to even install security cameras without posting some sort of statement suggesting that by entering the store, customers consent to be taped.

Boy, the hardcore left in the mainstream media would do and try anything to keep folks from seeing the truth about their favorite politicians, wouldn’t they?

The truth is, the security footage reveals that Pelosi isn’t really all that concerned about the coronavirus. She just wants to maintain control over the little people she’s supposed to be serving. Instead, since she thinks she’s above the law, Pelosi believes you should serve her through your unyielding obedience.

Time to boot her out, folks. Way, way past time.