Political Cowboy Chad Prather Takes Comedy Tour Back to California…Say WHAT?

I can’t believe that 2018 is now behind us and we are headed strongly into 2019.  I have to admit that, for me, last year was amazing.  Thanks to you. So…THANK YOU. My Star Spangled Banter Comedy Tour went all over America and was wildly successful and filled with laughs. As we head into the new year I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store.

The comedy tour is still in full swing and headed to California…yes I said it…CALIFORNIA. Some folks cringe at the name but don’t rush too quickly to judgment.  Yes, the government of California is dismal and the state exists to find ways to take your money, but the folks of California have been great to me and the tour.  Not so much the folks in Hollywood, but I think they are coming around.  Just kidding. There are a lot of great folks in the state of California, and I can’t wait to be back with them.

My great friend and Nashville recording artist Vince Moreno will be joining me in Visalia, CA (1/10), Bakersfield, CA (1/11), and Redding, CA (1/12). We are going to have more fun than we know what to do with. Tickets have sold fast.  If you’re some of those common sense folks trying to make sense of your home state of California, then get a ticket and come join us. Lord knows, you need a laugh or two.

Want to join us…Here are the links to each show.

Visalia (1/10) – Click for Tickets

Bakersfield (1/11) – Click for Tickets

Redding (1/12) – Click for Tickets 

Nashville recording artist joins Chad Prather’s Star Spangled Comedy Tour in California, Texas, and Kansas.

I will also be in Ramona, CA for 4 shows and Anaheim, CA in the months to come.

Come out and celebrate the uniqueness and every-day life of America.  There’s nothing like her, and the Star Spangled Banter Comedy Tour is common sense comedy that give us the opportunity to laugh at ourselves.

We are gearing up to travel all over our beautiful country as well such as Grand Junction, CO (1/19) with my good buddy Reno Collier of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.  Also we will be in San Angelo, TX (2/12), Wichita Falls, TX (2/14), and Salina, KS (2/15) once again with Vince Moreno.

Visit my website watchchad.com for the up to date schedule and stay tuned to cities that we will be announcing soon.  Love y’all. God bless. And here’s a poke.