Phil Robertson Has Inspiring Response to Nit-Picking Book Critics

In all the noise of social media feuds and identity politic outrage, few people have a more refreshing perspective than Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson.

The BlazeTV (formerly CRTV) star truly appears to be utterly unconcerned with the ridiculous culture wars of our time, dedicated to little more than self-reliance, conservative values, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So when petty, clearly biased book reviewers recently skewered his forthcoming book, “The Theft of America’s Soul: Blowing the Lid Off the Lies That Are Destroying Our Country,” he seemed utterly undeterred.

In fact, he welcomed the criticism.

“Most of the book is prescriptive, and reading it feels like being upbraided by a passionate preacher. The exhortations get tiresome, with Robertson’s excessive use of religious rhetoric coming off as stale,” wrote a critic over at Publisher’s Weekly, who one has a difficult time believing has a lot of experience listening to passionate preachers.

“His arguments also suffer from a simplistic dismissal of those who disagree with him as ‘left-wingers.’ This lack of nuance will turn off many readers, but Robertson’s tone will undoubtedly appeal to those fans eager for his thoughts on the current state of America,” they rattled on.

Robertson had a very simple response:

“God’s truth is always right. Criticize me for preaching it? Bring it on,” he wrote on Facebook.

Amen to that, Phil!

CBN reports he released a more detailed statement in response to the bad review that echoed this sentiment:

The Publishers Weekly review is exactly what I hoped for. I decided from the very beginning that I would tell it like it is because I have not — and will not — be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God’s truth is always right, and I’m very proud that this notable publication has accused me of preaching it. And preach I will — more of it, and louder.

That’s exactly why I wrote The Theft of America’s Soul to begin with. It is one long sermon from my heart to the soul of America.

Well thanks, Publisher’s Weekly, you’ve certainly sold me on this book!