Pfizer Will Bring In A Whopping $15 Billion From Sale Of COVID Vaccine

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. stated Tuesday that it’s expecting to bring in a staggering $15 billion in profit from the sale of the COVID-19 vaccine this year.

That’s a rather healthy chunk of change, yeah?

The Pfizer vaccine, the first that was manufactured in the U.S., was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use on December 11.

via Daily Wire:

“2020 has been a transformational year, not only for Pfizer, but also in the life of every patient in every community that we serve,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said in a statement. “We saw the culmination of Pfizer’s decade-long conversion into a pure-play, science and innovation-focused company … Our record-breaking success at developing a vaccine against Covid-19, along with our partner BioNTech, is just one example of what we believe this new Pfizer is capable of achieving.”

Pfizer’s fourth-quarter earnings report was the first since its vaccine received its EUA. Since then, the vaccine, developed in partnership with German firm BioNTech, has begun to be distributed across the world. The company said it has shipped 65million doses so far, including 29 million to the U.S. The company expects to have distributed 200 million doses to the U.S. by the end of May,  two months ahead of its contractual obligation.

The vaccine contributed $154 million in sales during the fourth quarter, the company said. “Pfizer’s projection for revenue from the vaccine in 2021 primarily includes doses expected to be delivered under existing contracts and may be updated as new contracts are executed, the company said, indicating that revenues could be even greater,” CNN reported.

“The company said it can potentially make a total of 2 billion doses worldwide by the end of 2021, based on expansion at its current facilities and ‘contingent upon adding more suppliers and contract manufacturers,’ though it’s unsure if it will actually sell all those doses,” the CNN report said. “French pharmaceutical company Sanofi recently signed on to fill and pack more than 100 million vials of Pfizer’s vaccine this year in an effort to meet huge demand for the shots, as much of the world continues to be pummeled by the pandemic.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci currently claims the United States is about to have its third approved vaccine, one that will be the first to use double-stranded DNA and only require a single injection.

Man, where are all the pissed off liberals “protesting” outside Pfizer for getting rich of the coronavirus and subsequently the misery and suffering of others?

Isn’t that compatible with their twisted, anti-free market bull?