People Actually Triggered By This Photo of Teenagers Praying

No matter how anti-Christian our culture gets, it still never ceases to amaze just how easy it is to trigger the left whenever they catch wind that someone out there still loves Jesus.

They’ve tried to kick Him out of schools, the government, and even Christmas, but as long as there are still Christians out there expressing their faith publically, they will never be happy.

A recent group of teenagers praying before their pre-prom dinner recently went viral, prompting an immediate negative response from some of these rabid secularists of which I speak.

The picture was sent to Frank Sommerville of Oakland’s KTVU by one of the teenager’s mother, and he shared it on his Facebook page with his thoughts about what a nice photo it was.

“I want to share a picture of my daughter and her friends from prom night,” the woman, who Fox News said called herself “Noelle Smith” said. “Now with the stories today about teenagers and tide pods and condoms gathering headlines — this picture speaks for itself.”

Cue the negative Nancys, who clearly couldn’t even bring themselves to give these kids credit for being well-mannered and behaved at a restaurant.

“Saying grace over your food says nothing of your moral compass, integrity or character … Behaving well at a restaurant while in your late teens, and being considerate to people, should not be Facebook praise worthy,” said one grumpy Facebook user.

“I see well behaved people doing terrible things, misbehaved people who just take care of someone in need. Being a [C]hristian doesn’t mean they are well behaved,” said another.

“My guess is their opinions on gay marriage, interracial families, equal rights, and other things we hold dear might not thrill you,” chimed in another adherent to identity politics, unable to practice their own beliefs of tolerance and acceptance (interracial families? Since when has that been a hot-button issue in the cultural war? Is it 1932?)

It did not stop there. A token vegan chimed in to push their own brand of holier-than-thou ideology.

“So now we are supposed to praise kids for praying to an invisible man in the sky for animals that were slaughtered so they could eat?” said the vegan. “Maybe they should be thanking that animal for giving up it’s [sic] life so they could eat instead. So tired of Christians pushing their beliefs onto everyone else.”

“I’m so tired of the arrogance many religious people display and their disdain for non-believers,” wrote another. “If you are confidant [sic] in your beliefs then you don’t feel the need to ‘save’ everyone else.”

Good grief, people, you go and march out there in the street, raid republican campus group meetings, call everyone who disagrees with you a racist/sexist/xenophobe/terrorist with blood on their hands from the children killed by the NRA and these kids are the arrogant ones?!

Why don’t you hop off your high horse and stop talking down to the rest of Americans like you have some kind of monopoly on compassion and then we’ll talk about pushing beliefs on everyone else and having disdain for “non-believers”.

Until then, every single God-loving American has every right to go right on praying and teaching their kids to do the same. It’s been working out pretty well for Western civilization for thousands of years, and we’re guessing if you think about it long and hard enough, you’ll realize that God-fearing American values have worked out pretty well for you, too!