Is this really the direction we're headed? 
If a 7-year-old can get over being teased by the President for believing in Santa, you'd think a bunch of grownups could get over it too. 
Will the press realize there's more to a man than potentially untoward behavior in his youth, or will they allow the world to be destroyed to send a "positive message to little girls"? 
Jimmy Kimmel doesn't seem to have much of a career apart from his brutal and humor-devoid low blows at anyone he disagrees with. 
“God put you here for a reason. It’s your job to find that purpose. And you should live that way.”
Hopefully, the video's popularity will deter a few thieves to get their own dang Christmas presents. 
Tell me this isn't the dumbest story you've heard all day.
"Maybe Kevin Hart will do it? I hear he’s free. Can he sing?"
Well thanks, Publisher's Weekly, you've certainly sold me on this book! 
"The world is full of problems," he explains, "and instead of solving problems, I'm just here to find more problems!"
We need so, so much more of this in America right now, folks. 
Maybe it's time to find a new cause, Davey. 
So The Washington Post has a "conservative columnist," which basically means they have a leftist who, to borrow the language of the day, "self-identifies" as a Republican, who just made a rather wacky prediction about President Trump resigning from office.
Because it's easier to compose a series of incredibly provocative and ignorant posts bashing the world's largest religion than it is to simply crack open the pages of its sacred scripture, a liberal college professor from Minnesota State University has suggested that Mary didn't consent when the Holy Spirit impregnated her with the Savior of all mankind.
If we are at a point in our culture where we're discussing the racial undertones of cartoons starring VEGETABLES, for crying out loud, clearly we live in a privileged nation.