Until we hear from Beto, one can only imagine.
Wouldn't want our high school students having a well-rounded understanding of historical context, now would we?
Looks like these folks want every citizen of their globalist utopia to learn new languages and broaden their minds. Except conservatives, that is.
Let's just call the program what it really is: Taxpayer Dollars
Us: "California, you can't possibly become more leftist than you already are." California: "Hold my green smoothie."
Yet another SJW has taken the "warrior" part a bit too seriously.
Ideology like this takes a perfectly acceptable dietary choice and weaponizes it. And it's hilarious.
Complaints from the Inclusivity Police range from predictable to downright hilarious.
Rep. Dran Crenshaw (R-TX) is a breath of fresh air on the political scene. 
One can only hope this kid was joking. Otherwise, he may need serious help.
It's one thing to have opinions about Trump and share them, even obnoxiously, with students. It's another thing entirely to have those opinions presented as fact.