If that's "scandal-free," then Trump is a unifying political figure. 
After being the most embarrassingly vocal member of the #MeToo lynch mob against SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh, her defense of Handsy Joe is too insane to ignore.
The statue of a guy who owned slaves and died forty years before slavery was abolished is just too terrifying to be lurking around a college campus.
The crash of 1929. The Dust Bowl storms of the 1930s. Now, the Great Avocado Famine Of 2019.
Some say that the April Fools’ Day comes from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, published in 1392. Others place its origins in thirteenth century Europe. Another theory has Pope Gregory XIII’s change to the Gregorian calendar as the impetus for...
Now suddenly all the lectures we have received over the last two years are null and void because homeboy is running for President?
In just a matter of minutes, these young people go from "it's a woman's right to choose," to "I definitely changed my mind about abortion."
In a tweet posted over the weekend, Sanders lamented the untenable travesty that—dare I say it?—people have to pay for their own goods and services, including college education.
Majority leader Mitch McConnell girded his loins and brought Boss Lady AOC's Green New Deal to a vote on the Senate floor earlier this week. With imminent doom towering over not just the nation, but the entire world, the...
This is the absolute best thing you will see all day.
There's a reason she and AOC are such good friends. They both think being the Intersectional Princesses of Congress mean they can say whatever outrageous, outlandish things they want to and hide behind their victimhood points.
Well, at least Michael Avenatti has found some friends who are as crazy and money-hungry as he is, and that can't be easy to do! 
For the love of all that's right and good in this world, let's make this happen. Like yesterday.
These days, it seems almost too much to expect our elected officials to not be bat-crap crazy, but Crenshaw is certainly going against the grain.
You don't have to be a liberal to appreciate Jon Stewart's comedy.
Looks like AOC might soon have some competition for most sensational latina socialist in Washington!