Americans are quickly losing their trust in the fake news media and the Democratic rhetoric....which have become one in the same. 
I don't know about you, but I believe he's done the best he could considering the circumstances. 
Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton recently gave an interview at the Atlantic Festival where she despicably compared Russian interference in the 2016 election to the 9/11 terrorist attacks that left 3,000 people dead. To say Clinton lacks decency and...
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was supposed to teach a course on the Supreme Court at Harvard next spring, but he's now declined to do so after an effort was made by both alumni and current students to have the offer rescinded.
It has officially been one year since the horrific massacre that took place in Las Vegas on October 1st, 2017 in which 58 people were killed and hundreds injured while attending a country music festival on the strip. 
How about we start giving our actual war veterans the respect and honor they deserve before we try to include people who hold up signs, stop traffic, and scream at strangers in the same category?
It's over, Kavanaugh. We've got you. 
Let's pray that we see a widespread return of this simple spirit of brotherhood to our country very, very soon. We need it, folks. 
Tired of all the Kavanaugh stuff in the news?  I got you, fam.
One of the fine, distinguished professors raising up the next generation of leaders, ladies and gentlemen...with the full support of her university faculty. 
If you thought American universities were bubble-wrapped safe spaces for sensitive little snowflakes to be delicately shielded from anything that might every hurt their precious widdle feelings, take a look at British universities. 
The press loves to complain about how the President treats them and how the public doesn't trust them, but they've undermined public trust themselves. Trump just says what we're all thinking. 
Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, the man who promised to vote in support of Kavanaugh and then more or less walked back on that just hours later when he called for an FBI investigation into the allegations against the SCOTUS nominee, has admitted that the investigation will probably do absolutely nothing.
Does she want Trump 2020? Because this is how you get Trump 2020. 
The fallout from Dr. Christine Ford's testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee drags on this week, as we consider the facts that Ford revealed absolutely nothing profound or new to the committee that had not already been revealed by her leaked letters or communication with journalists. 
Now that Michael Avenatti has found a way to insert himself back into the media's current obsession, the Kavanaugh hearings, he's not going to miss the chance to try to launch himself right into the middle of American politics.
2020 is looking better every day! 
All these men, like Kavanaugh, have been accused, and not yet convicted and tried in a court of law.