It is a "moral outrage" that, until the wrath of God was unleashed upon the earth and she somehow assumed a powerful public office, AOC couldn't swing health insurance, she says.  Funny, since we've been in the Obamacare era for nearly a decade now, but okay.
"Politicians are free to disagree with the NRA’s pro-freedom, firearm safety, and self-reliance message, they are not free to censor it — as this ordinance would do when NRA supporters drop their NRA affiliations for fear of losing work from the City of Los Angeles because they get put on this ‘blacklist’ with the City of Los Angeles."
The former Delaware Senator paid his female staffers as little as 44 cents per dollar earned by their male counterparts.
What Goldberg and her leftist harpy co-hosts is too blind to see, and what our Founding Fathers may not have foreseen, is that totalitarian leftism has metastasized in this nation, allowing for no dissenting thought, speech, or policy. President Trump has committed no offense, he is merely an unsavory political adversary.
America has careened clear off the cliff of sanity. Stories like this are merely the "kersplat" heard on impact.
According to The Sun, Christmas Tinner is a singularly disgusting product offered by GAME, a popular tech retailer, and is marketed toward gamers who refuse to get their [expletive deleted] up and come eat at the table like an [expletive deleted] civilized human being.
Seriously, guys. She thought that was real. And she wants to be president.
Say what you will about President Trump's many brash remarks on the campaign trail, Biden supporters haven't got a leg to stand on when it comes to the civility of their candidate.
Because what's better than drowning your marital woes in gin?
Do we really need such care and protection from the government that we can't handle the baby Jesus catching some air and blowing into traffic?