They're creating their own reality, and there's not much that can be done at this point to convince them that things aren't dire. 
Can you imagine if someone said this about an area in which the population was largely made up of any other ethnicity than white? 
The left seems pretty convinced they've convinced everyone that their evidence for climate change is very convincing.
Hey, Obama deserves to unwind a little bit. 
And this, boys and girls, is why math is so important. So you don't get duped into socialism. 
Y'all are making these choices all on your own. And look--you're so vocal in your complaints, even Burger King is trying to speak to whiny SJW customers. 
If you ever rely on the mainstream media to tell you what to be morally outraged by, you might want to look into getting a moral compass of your own instead.
The mainstream media can't stand that he actually speaks for the people when he bashes them. 
Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an idol to the left, and no wonder, as she's one of the most far-left justices on the bench.
It's nothing new that Twitter has been using highly deceptive and downright unethical practices to boost the content of people they agree with ideologically and bury the content of those they do not. What is new is Washington starting to take it...
We have a tendency to give the most weight to the loudest, most obnoxious opinions, simply because they get so much attention. 
In an era where most kids are glued to their smartphones, looking at Lord-knows-what, bullying their peers and trying to snort condoms for social media shares, it's nice to know there are still kids out there not only being instilled with good values, but acting on them.
Donald Trump's Hollywood star has had quite a week!
Do y'all remember that time that feminist professor from Fresno State actually celebrated the passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush on Twitter? 
This gender-neutral stuff is getting out of control.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the gift to conservatives that just keeps on giving.
Looks can often be deceiving, as one would-be robber found out the hard way in Massachuttes this week when he encountered a clerk who was far more prepared than he was to go to blows.