The internet has been aflutter in the wake of Gillette's new anti-masculinity ad which basically just bashes men and whines about #MeToo. You've probably seen it. I won't bore you further with details of the misguided campaign to bash the...
With a choral rendition of The Communist Manifesto, dance routines that resemble a toddler trying to avoid getting dressed, and the most painfully awkward dance party you've ever seen, these students are certainly getting their parents' $47,000 a year worth. 
So far, Elizabeth Warren's exploration into a run for president has been super duper awkward. 
One of the things folks seem to absolutely adore about President Trump is how he brutally puts the mostly left-wing mainstream media in its place after asking him foolish, stupid questions.
Jim has no idea how much he just did to support the case for a wall! 
President Trump has no shortage of folks he doesn't like, especially when it comes to individuals in Congress or in the media, however, one of his least favorite former senators is now apparently trying to become one of his...
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to be nothing more than a meme machine, pumping out ridiculously dumb statements and gaffes with a speed and regularity that just simply boggles the mind. Some of her statements are so far off the reservation,...
"They look like rich parents being told their loutish son just got kicked out of college again."
As the government shutdown rages on over the funding of President Trump's border wall, the good folks over at Campus Reform decided to spread a little enlightenment to college students about the fact that Trump is far from the first politician to support a border wall.
I can't believe that 2018 is now behind us and we are headed strongly into 2019.  I have to admit that, for me, last year was amazing.  Thanks to you. So...THANK YOU. My Star Spangled Banter Comedy Tour went...
You'd think Creepy Uncle Joe would remember the name of a pretty woman like Ann Coulter but of course, to liberals, she's literally the devil or something.
The man, the myth, the legend, Chuck Norris, an outspoken Christian conservative, who is renowned for his martial arts films and for all of those hilarious "Chuck Norris jokes," is backing an idea to fund the border wall that is absolutely genius
I'm sorry, isn't one the left's main criticisms of Trump that he lacks decorum and is unpresidential? A loose cannon?
Oh, the never-ending amusement that is the left's virtue signaling. 
Some folks just can't breathe without having an issue to blabber on about on social media.