This world has always been full of hateful and crazy people, but there is something about social media that seems to be making the whole world crazy.
In a world of bizarre, senseless, and meaningless conceptual "art", here is a large-scale art installation that has layers of meaning.
Apparently, spending a decade of drug-riddled irrelevance followed by weird religious conversions and extensive treatment for alcoholism can really red pill someone. 
All this seems to demonstrate is that Trump likes calling people stupid. Perhaps the real story is that he needs a wider array of insults, but it's certainly not that he's a racist. 
You don't need to perform a fancy schmancy scholarly study to realize this fundamental moral difference in the way men treat women, all you need to do is look around at the world today. 
"So-called environmentalists have a very narrow view of nature, not recognizing that without proper land management, which means an appreciable amount of logging, they are actually hurting wildlife and the long term health of the forest and endangering human lives."
The city of Chicago is constantly invoked as a reference as to just how badly Democratic politics, particularly when it comes to law, order, and justice, completely fail the people they claim they'll help. 
"Leftists roam the earth seeking to destroy anything that stands for goodness, honor, freedom, and liberty."
The crowd at the Trump rally are the people. The NRA is the people. A free media is the people, and guess what, plenty of members of the media do not tow the mainstream fake news narrative line. 
The only difference between the modern left and Richard Spencer are the people they claim deserve rights.
In one extreme case of TDS, a young woman became so infuriated that another driver had slapped a Donald Trump sticker on his personal vehicle and dared drive said vehicle down a public street.
These petty, overly-dramatic, and plainly partisan views give little hope these scholars can do anything other than help Twitter double-down on their anti-conservative bias. 
According to CBC News, a man identified as "David" was given an insurance quote of $4,500 a year when he was in the market for a new car. For whatever reason, it occurred to him to ask if the rates would be different if he were a woman. Indeed, they would be, he was told--$1,100 less a year, actually. 
But conservatives are racist because.... Why?  Becuase liberals say they are.  That's it. 
Of particularly worthy note are the young men with their "blacks for Trump" sign in the front of the crowd and the ample pink "women for Trump" signs scattered behind them, a complete and total identity politic fail which no doubt is causing liberal head explosions wherever the footage has been seen.
If you ever wonder how anyone can be so foolish as to think that an open border is the solution to...anything, this is why. 
"There's no shortage of things to laugh about, we just need to find them...together."