Actor Jim Carrey seems to be the identity of the one who flew over the cuckoo's nest, as he's dropped his funny man shenanigans and opted to become a disrespectful, grating, irritatingly outspoken liberal activist via artwork he keeps...
On Thursday, the Department of Justice finally released the Inspector General's 500-page report on the FBI conduct during the Clinton email investigation and the 2016 election, and it doesn't look great for Clinton and Comey, et al. 
During Thursday's briefing, Acosta, in typical Acosta fashion, kept interrupting the Press Secretary and trying to bait her into the sound bite he wanted. 
If you ever needed to a good Public Service Announcement about not doing drugs, the following story should do the trick. If nothing else, it'll tickle your funny bone, and in our day and age when laughter seems in...
Yesterday, the Depart of Justice Inspector General's report was released, stating they found no political bias on behalf of the FBI during the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. However, there was one bombshell that was...
Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton's political career crashed and burned gloriously in 2016, the glaring issue remains that she was most likely a severely corrupt Secretary of State who committed some serious crimes during her tenure at the State Department. 
"Does @CBSNews know something I don’t about my plans and my future?"
As the United Nations continues to try to bash Israel for defending its own sovereign borders from terrorist attacks committed by a group who openly explains they are trying to destroy Israel and kill Jews, Nikki Haley has once again had to rip the international governance organization for their backward view of the Israel-Palestine conflict. 
When you cut half your senior year to be on CNN, your education will probably take a hit. 
At the Tonys, De Niro took to the stage to valiantly and bravely declare "F*ck Trump!" which he is now choosing to say instead of "down with Trump", as he explained. This certainly took some guts considering the crowd was packed with MAGA-hat sporting Trump supporters. 
“None of us ever want to have to use our guns. All of us want to protect our kids.”
Since the inception of the #MeToo movement, no one on the left, including Bill Clinton himself, seems to know what to do about the fact that he is one of the most notorious womanizers and accused sexual predators of our generation. 
"By releasing the details of the menu, this is again legitimizing Kim Jong-un and putting him on equal footing with other world leaders."
America is a pluralistic society. At least, it's supposed to be. Where one can adamantly disagree with someone about something but still enjoy their delicious chicken sandwiches without betraying your own personal values, right? 
If a big government thinks they need to tell full-grown American adults where the park is, what else do they think they need to determine for us? 
YouTube has demonstrated that they are no fans at all of the Second Amendment by shutting down a firearms parts company called Brownell's channel with absolutely no warning or notice as it continues to crack down on any sort...