Is one of the many benefits of white privilege being bulletproof or something?
The media and the left (but I repeat myself) are acting like a bunch of spoiled whiny brats who can't stand that the news favored the other side's narrative for once. 
Another far-left progressive makin' bank by pretending to care about poor people. 
Do these educators really think they're going to single-handedly prevent childhood obesity or diabetes simply by shaming parents who want to send their kids to school with a Happy Meal from time to time? 
I think Dennard would probably be better off elsewhere anyway! 
I think this incident is incredibly telling of the young people today who are out there using violent, angry rhetoric, yet slink away when confronted in real life. 
Ah, the perpetual victimhood of the left.
Argento is giving a pretty disturbing reason for why she paid Bennett $380,000 last year. 
Maybe Omarosa took her cues from Rachel Maddow. 
You can say whatever the heck you want to about the Bible as long as you don't actually open it up and read it. 
If Trump has a superpower, it's getting progressives to defend literally anything. 
Did they really need to bring ice cream into the abortion debate?