Have you asked your doctor if you are healthy enough for sex. Chad Prather gives a funny outlook on the concept.
Part of Chad Prather's humorous look at how sometimes country music gives us more than we bargained for.

Snowflake Cry

Chad Prather's parody of American Pie, SNOWFLAKE CRY. A hilarious look at the behavior happening in America today over election disappointment.

Gender Inequality

Chad Prather gives a classic rant on a silly social media post about not calling a baby "He" or "She."
Chad Prather's warning to America in regards to the recent travel ban order. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNHqr2Yv-FA
Chad Prather's funny look at Archie Campbell's classic story.

Someone Pass the Gas!

Chad Prather's funny look at relationships and when it's ok to ... well ... you'll see.