Owner Of Restaurant That Refused To Serve Sarah Sanders Says Trump Officials Should Stay Home

If you had any doubt that radical leftists have a nasty attitude and disposition toward those who have a different set of political ideals and beliefs than they do, look no further than the example being set by the co-owner of Virginia restaurant who refused to serve then Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

According to this oh so wonderful, oh so delightfully “tolerant” individual, officials working for the Trump administration should just stay home.

And as a result, maybe Trump supporters should protest outside these establishments and let their opposing views be heard? Just a thought.

via Fox News:

In a Washington Post op-ed, Stephanie Wilkinson responded to an incident in which Eric Trump was spat on by an employee of a Chicago cocktail bar.

Wilkinson, who made national headlines by asking Sanders and her family to leave the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia last June, wrote that “no one in the industry condones the physical assault of a patron” before going on to argue that businesses are also expected to adhere to a “code of ethics.”

“The once-ubiquitous idea that companies exist purely and solely to provide profit to shareholders is withering away like corn husks in the summer sun,” she wrote, calling the new standard, “All are welcome. Terms and conditions apply.”

Wilkinson also pointed to several other examples of Trump officials or Republicans meeting resistance while dining out, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and White House adviser Stephen Miller.

Wilkinson said restaurant workers cannot be expected to “clock out of their consciences when they clock in to work.”

“The high-profile clashes rarely involve one citizen fussing at another over the entrees. It’s more often a frustrated person (some of whom are restaurant employees) lashing out at the representatives of an administration that has made its name trashing norms and breaking backs. Not surprising, if you think about it: You can’t call people your enemies by day and expect hospitality from them in the evening,” she wrote.

“So when the day comes that the world feels returned to its normal axis, I expect we’ll see fewer highly charged encounters making headlines. In the meantime, the new rules apply. If you’re directly complicit in spreading hate or perpetuating suffering, maybe you should consider dining at home.”

Doesn’t Wilkinson seem like a real peach? Must be a blast at parties and other functions where people might just happen to have different opinions on important issues.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with having strong political opinions. If you don’t have strong thoughts and beliefs, then you’re apathetic and that’s more dangerous than wrong thinking. People who don’t think and engage will fall for anything out there.

No, what we need is strong opinions subdued by grace and humility. Our dialogue should be pushed by a desire to convince others of our worldview through logic and reason, while not treating the other person who dissents from our thoughts on a topic like they’re a piece of garbage.

If only we could achieve this stasis, the condition of our country would improve vastly.