Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan Says Not Guilty Verdict In Rittenhouse Trial A ‘Win For Our Country’

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan stated on Newsmax over the weekend that Kyle Rittenhouse being found not guilty of all charges is a huge “win for our country,” noting that the Democrats who are speaking against the verdict are being “ridiculous.”

“This was justice,” Jordan said during a Saturday appearance on “Wake Up America.” “This shows that the American system of due process works. This was a God bless America type of day for the country.”

via Newsmax:

Rittenhouse, 18, was found not guilty Friday on charges of intentional homicide and four other felony charges in connection with the shooting deaths of two men and the wounding of a third during the August 2020 protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. His case hinged on self-defense and has led to a national debate.

“If that wasn’t self-defense, tell me what is,” Jordan went on to say during the conversation he had on the program. “I think this is a win for due process. I think it’s a win for our country. It’s a win for those in this system where those jurors, knowing what was going on outside, knowing what Democrats were saying, reached the conclusion that the facts and the truth were warranted.”

The Ohio Republican then said that the victory for Rittenhouse was also a “win for the Second Amendment and for our Constitution, so all in all, “it was a good day for freedom, a good day for the process, and a good day for America.”

The congressman Saturday also discussed the passage of the $1.75 trillion spending package, which passed the House on Friday with all but one Democrat voting for it.

“They’ve screwed up everything,” Jordan stated. “There’s not one policy area where the Democrats, who are now in full control of the federal government for 10 months, haven’t haven’t made things worse.”

Under the Democrats’ control of Congress and the White House, the nation went from having a secure border to “chaos,” hit record inflation, and had the “spectacle” of President Joe Biden “begging” OPEC to increase production when the nation had been energy independent.

“This $2 trillion bill is only going to exacerbate that 31-year high inflation we currently have,” the congressman said.

He went on to say during the interview that no one “on the planet” who believes the president when he says his “Build Back Better” plan, and the legislation that is paying for it, will end up lowering inflation.

“They’re committed to this leftist agenda, and it didn’t really surprise me that they voted that way,” Jordan concluded.