Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan Says American Voters Will Put Republicans Back In Control During Midterms

According to Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, Americans have always risen to the occasion when it comes to protecting liberty, noting that they will most definitely do so again during the midterm elections in 2022.

“The world is a safer and better place when America leads with the values that make our country special,” Jordan stated during a conversation he had on Newsmax’s “Saturday Agenda.”

“I always say that you can’t lead militarily, you can’t lead diplomatically if you don’t leave economically,” the Ohio Republican said.

Jordan went on to shred Democrats for their current economic plan, telling show host Joe Pinion that it is “literally the dumbest plan I’ve ever seen.”

Given all of the dumb stuff we’ve seen Democrats do in recent years, that’s quite a claim.

“They locked down the economy and spend like crazy, and they pay people not to work. And this week, they’re getting ready to pass legislation, and for all those people who have been working, we’re going to raise your taxes,” Jordan continued to say.

via Newsmax:

And since Joe Biden was elected president, countries around the world have lost respect for the United States. He has also “messed up” on the border, inflation, and more, said Jordan.

“You can go on and on with the Biden administration and that doesn’t even count what they’re doing to our liberties; what they’re doing to the First Amendment,” Jordan stated.

Further, nobody thought the loss of energy independence could happen so fast, but it did with Biden, and in only 10 months, and Democrats want it that way, the congressman added.

For example, he said that last week, when the CEO’s of the nation’s six biggest oil companies testified virtually to the House Oversight and Reform Committee, the push was on from Democrats, including one lawmaker from California, who he didn’t name, on officials to decrease production.

“I”m like, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” the congressman went on to say. “The president of the United States is begging OPEC to increase production, and I said to him ‘what do you want? $8 gasoline for the families of this great country?’ So this is how out of touch they are and how committed they are ot their leftist agenda and big government control.”

However, Jordan pointed out, Americans are starting wake up, as the results of the Virginia election clearly demonstrate.

“We don’t like this craziness that we see and we’re going to push back,” he explained.

But until that actually happens, Americans are having to deal with unbelievable inflation that continues to drive up the price of foods, gas, and even more issues.

“It turns out that when you run a campaign where you have 30-year-high inflation, and you tell parents that the government is smarter than them, voters don’t like that too much,” said the Ohio Republican. “When you tell people in urban areas we’re going to defund the police turns out voters don’t like that too much, and they said no, no, we’re not going to tolerate that.”

The Biden administration is a complete and total failure. He’s done nothing to stop the spread of the coronavirus, other than push for all kinds of illegal mandates that violate a person’s bodily autonomy.

He’s also not taken any action to stop the crisis at the southern border, nor has he addressed the supply chain issue.

I know we all say that every Democrat president is the worst ever, but this time, folks, it might not just be hyperbole.