Officials In San Francisco Have Declared Acronyms To Be Racist

The San Francisco Unified School District’s art program has decided to toss out its former name, “VAPA,” because, and I kid you not, folks, “acronyms are a symbol of white supremacy culture.”

You can’t make this insanity up, folks. You really, really can’t.

via The Free Beacon:

The acronym, which stood for “visual and performing arts,” could “alienate” non-native English speakers, according to district art department director Sam Bass. The department will now just be referred to as the San Francisco Unified School District Art Department.

The decision to change the art department’s name was one of a handful of antiracist measures the district voted to implement last week. Bass told ABC 7 San Francisco that the art department is working to prioritize “antiracist arts instruction.”

The San Francisco school board is still forcing students to work from home even as it focuses on adopting antiracist policiesā€”despite new data showing that remote learning has disproportionately impacted minority students’ test scores, theĀ San Francisco Chronicle reported Sunday. The school district and teachers’ union have so far failed to reach an agreement on how to return to the classroom safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

The San Francisco school board has also decided to change the names of 44 schools, including ones that are named after founding father George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson, labeling their namesakes as “inappropriate.”

Apparently the school board, which has gone bat crap crazy, also demanded that the district pay reparations to Native Americans and Native Alaskans.

This, folks, is getting totally ridiculous. Now it’s racist to have a school named after your very first president, who arguably might be one of the greatest men to ever live on the face of the earth. How awful is that?

It’s just sickening to see these people divide everyone up according to skin color and make race the central issue in our culture.