Of All People, AOC Shouldn’t Be Poking At Ivanka Trump’s Job Qualifications

It seems it’s perfectly acceptable to lob pitchforks at women and assume they must have landed their positions in life for reasons other than their accomplishments, you know, as long as the woman targeted is a Republican.

Apparently, the biggest piece of news to come out of last weekend’s G20 summit was the fact that Ivanka Trump was present and found herself included in a handful of photographs alongside other world leaders in attendance.

Not any progress made, deals discussed, or revelations that the leaders of developed countries are all reptilian alien overlords (if you’re into that kind of thing). Nope, our Trump Derangement Syndrome demands that we be ever on the lookout for the mistakes our president makes so we can shout them from the mountaintops of social media.

In a critique that has already aged poorly, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez complained that the president’s daughter attending G20 “hurts our diplomatic standing,” and that mere virtue of being a Trump kid does not qualify Ivanka to sit at the grown-up table:

Now, if you actually watch the video clip AOC and her fellow TDS-suffering squawkers are complaining about, let me know what the problem is. Because all I see is Ivanka standing with a group of world leaders, making a statement, and that’s it.

I’m really, honestly, truly not seeing the problem here. But, then, I’m only smarter than a bag of hammers by a negligible margin.

Now, for sure, if Ivanka had been the sort of person to rest on her daddy’s laurels and never actually achieve anything (which certainly does happen), this would be a valid criticism.

Of course, that’s not the case with Ivanka.

Fox News set the record straight for Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, explaining that prior to joining the administration, Ivanka Trump served as executive vice president with the Trump Organization, as well as CEO of her own clothing and accessories empire.

It doesn’t hurt to be the daughter of a bajillionaire, but something tells me Ivanka wouldn’t have had the success she has if she’d never put, you know, some effort into it.

Ivanka wasn’t merely seen and not heard at the G20 summit either, Fox News added, noting that she “represented the U.S. in meetings with leaders from China, Japan, Russia, India and Australia,” and also “led the U.S. delegation in a special discussion on women’s economic empowerment.”

Before leaving for the trip, Ivanka herself noted that the United States was the only country sending an all-female team to G20:

So, with that in mind, enjoy this selection of folks who let AOC have it on the issue of “job qualifications”:


And, last but not least:

Actually, since AOC’s moves cost New York some jobs, I might put that last figure in the negatives. Zero is generous.