Obamas Shut Down Comments On Social Media Comments As Criticism Heats Up Over Afghanistan Fall

Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama turned off comments on their Instagram for several hours on Monday. According to a spokesperson for the couple, the change was not “intentional,” but there was no explanation given for what happened.

Of course, the timing of the comments being turned off comes about as President Biden, the former vice president during Obama’s administration, has kept silent on the Taliban having taken over the country of Afghanistan, after he made the promise several months ago that such an event was not likely to happen.

“Obama’s Instagram posts said, ‘Comments on this post have been limited’ for roughly two hours Monday morning,” a Fox News report went on to say about the incident. “His most recent post, a video Thursday touting his All on the Line redistricting campaign, garnered 885 comments before it was shut down Monday.”

via Daily Wire:

Mrs. Obama’s comments were turned off for the same time period. When asked about the curious social media move, an Obama spokesperson told Fox News the commenting pause had “no intentionality on our side.” There was no explanation given for why it happened, however.

Fox News outlined some of the comments the former president received before the comment section was briefly shut down:

“Afghanistan needs your help. Please please help Afghanistan,” a commenter wrote in response.

“The blood of the #Afghan people is on the hands of those who have remained silent in the face of oppression and have made friends with the Taliban,” another one said. “History will not forget your crime.”

“What did we accomplish in Afghanistan if we turn tail and run now?” asked another commenter on the social media account. “They need us! That is not the American way! We do not surrender and run! We stay and fight and until the issues are resolved which is true independence!”

On Monday, President Biden issued an order for 1,000 more troops into Afghanistan, which brings the total up to 7,000 troops that have been sent back into the country since the pullout operation was launched in the early part of 2021.