Obama Releases The First Wave Of Candidate Endorsements For 2020

Like it or not, former President Barack Obama is still a major player in the politics of America, despite not sitting in the White House for over three years now. The left still considers him their darling and it doesn’t seem there’s much that can be done about that.

All of this means that when a Democratic candidate for any office gets his endorsement, it’s a very big deal. This is why the first wave of his endorsements just released is so newsworthy.

Anyone who gets Obama’s seal of approval is someone that needs to be watched carefully.

Here’s more on this from The Washington Examiner:

Obama, who released similar lists prior to the 2018 midterm elections, posted his endorsement list on social media on Monday morning. The list included more than 115 Democratic candidates running in races in 17 states. The post was deemed his “first wave” of support.

“I’m proud to endorse this diverse and hopeful collection of thoughtful, empathetic, and highly qualified Democrats. Together, these candidates will help us redeem our country’s promise by sticking up for working class people, restoring fairness and opportunity to our system, and fighting for the good of all Americans — not just those at the top,” he said of the group.

“They make me optimistic not just about our party’s chances in November, but about our country’s future long after that. So if you’re in one of their districts or states, make sure you vote for them this fall. And if you can, vote early — by mail or in person,” Obama added.

You’re getting a look at the individuals who are very much sold out to the progressive agenda of transforming America into a socialistic European style country. These are the folks we need to be opposing with every fiber of our being if we value liberty and the free market system that has led to our economic prosperity.

The presidential election is too important to describe with words, but don’t forget about local and state elections too. Don’t forget about these lawmakers trying to make it into the House and Senate. It’s all critical for the future of our nation.