NYT Bashes Writer For Not Calling Jill Biden ‘Dr.’ Look How They Referred To Dr. Ben Carson For Years Now

An opinion piece was published on Friday in the Wall Street Journal in which writer Joseph Epstein, a former editor for a publication known as The American Scholar, caused quite a bit of controversy when he suggested that Jill Biden should stop referring to herself as “Dr. Jill Biden” because she’s not a medical doctor, having earned her doctorate in the field of education.

And, as usual, liberals lost their minds over it and responded with a piece of their own, via the New York Times. The response was titled, “AN opinion Writer Argued Jill Biden Should Drop The ‘Dr.’ (Few Were Swayed).”

Guess how the piece kicked things off? “Do people who go by Dr. need to carry stethoscopes?”

via Daily Wire:

The Times’ response focused on people who viewed Epstein’s remarks as a “sexist attack,” suggesting the only reason Epstein had offered his perspective was that Biden was a woman.

Yet the Times itself has its own history of dismissing the honorific “Dr.” To take just one example, below is how the Times covered one of the leading neurosurgeons in the world, Dr. Ben Carson:

December 21, 2014: “A conservative think tank recently sent Ben Carson, a potential presidential candidate and fierce critic of the federal health care overhaul, a series of messages to post on Twitter during the grilling in the House of Jonathan Gruber, the M.I.T. economist who advised the Obama administration.”

Here’s another gem that’s dated September 1, 2015:

“The spotlight rarely found Ben Carson this summer. While other presidential candidates shot flaming arrows at rivals and sometimes the news media, the soft-spoken Mr. Carson seemed to struggle to be noticed. ‘Well, thank you,’ he told moderators in the first Republican debate. ‘I wasn’t sure if I would get to speak again.’”

Oh, and look at this one from March 2, 2016:

“Ben Carson, the only Republican to have once threatened the lead of Donald J. Trump in national polls, said on Wednesday that he saw no path forward and would skip a debate on Thursday in his hometown, Detroit, signaling an end to his candidacy after paltry performances in the nominating contests. Mr. Carson stopped short of suspending his campaign and said he would provide more details on Friday, but after his dismal showing on Super Tuesday, his campaign is effectively over.”

You probably think that’s all of them, right? Wrong. There’s another one from January 11, 2017:

“Now Mr. Carson, tapped by President-elect Donald J. Trump to become the next secretary of housing and urban development, will most likely have the power and opportunity to apply his mother’s conservative message to people’s lives …”

The list actually goes on and on.

So what’s the reason they omitted the “Dr.” for Dr. Ben Carson? Is it because he’s conservative? Maybe it’s a racial issue? Could be because they hate men too.

If they want to virtue signal and chastise folks for some new behavior that’s managed to offend them once again, perhaps they ought to make sure they aren’t guilty of the same behavior.

That’s what we call hypocrisy.