NY Republicans Have Announced Impeachment Resolution Against Gov. Andrew Cuomo

New York Republicans are now moving forward with a resolution to impeach Gov. Andrew Cuomo after a total of five women have brought allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

Cuomo has refused to step down amid these allegations and after it was revealed he lied to cover up the number of nursing home deaths related to COVID-19.

via Washington Examiner:

Members of the New York Assembly, the state’s lower chamber of Congress, announced their intentions during a press conference held Monday afternoon, arguing that Cuomo’s credibility as a leader is now in question due to the mounting scandals engulfing his administration.

“The governor’s lost so much credibility and trust that we don’t feel like he can go forward and govern. So we want to move ahead, do this impeachment assembly,” Assembly Republican Leader Will Barclay stated.

Other assemblymen agreed, with Jake Ashby calling for the Democratic governor to be “held accountable,” and Ed Ra saying Cuomo remaining in power would “not in the best interest of this state.”

The announcement comes amid growing bipartisan calls for the governor to resign or be impeached, with Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, both Democrats, calling for Cuomo’s resignation on Sunday after several new accusers stepped forth Saturday night, claiming the governor acted innapropriately towards them.

Given all of the sexual misconduct allegations and the whole nursing home scandal, one has to wonder why this guy isn’t just throwing in the towel and stepping down already.

Does he really think any of us believe him when he claims to be innocent? We all know he’s a raging liar, so his claims that none of this is true do not hold water. Once you lose trust, it’s very hard to earn it back.

Since he won’t leave, it’s time for the state government to take charge of things and boot him.