NJ School Nurse Suspended After Refusing To Wear Mask As Protest Against Kids Wearing Masks In The Classroom

School child wearing face mask during corona virus and flu outbreak. Boy and girl going back to school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown. Group of kids in masks for coronavirus prevention.

Erin Pein, a school nurse from New Jersey, was suspended from her job without pay after she refused to wear a mask to work as a means of protesting against mask mandates that force kids to wear them while they are school.

Pein conducted an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast where she revealed she had “witnessed these kids being harmed physically, emotionally and developmentally because of these masks. And I put my job on the line to help and protect them. And it’s time for every teacher who cares about kids, every doctor who took an oath and every nurse who’s a patient advocate to stand up and make a stand and start protecting these kids.”

via Just The News:

Pein said that she raised her concerns with the nursing supervisor via email, but the supervisor indicated that the mask mandate would continue in force, and when she then requested to speak to the school superintendent, the nursing supervisor failed to respond to that request.

Pein said that she decided not to wear a mask while working, and she posted a video on a Facebook parent group featuring a nurse showing “how to safely use and reuse a face mask to prevent cross contamination.”

But Pein, who had worked in the Stafford Township School District, said that she was suspended without pay. She said that she has been informed that the board of education voted not to renew her contract, which means she will be cut loose at the end of June. However, Pein said she learned there is a plan to reinstate her pay amid the suspension.

Plenty of scientific information has come out in recent months that states kids aren’t the superspreaders we assumed them to be at the beginning of the pandemic. Not only that, other scientific information has indicated these masks really do have negative effects on children and their health.

With all of this knowledge, it should be common sense to lift the mandate for children — at least — and get back to letting them enjoy their childhoods.