New Report Says Trump ‘Furious And Beyond Angry’ Over Poor Performance By Impeachment Defense Team

A new report says that former President Donald Trump is “furious” over how his impeachment defense team performed during the first day of the Senate trial.

“Two sources in fact, who spent time with the former president today described him as being quote, ‘furious and beyond angry’ with his impeachment defense team,” Fox News correspondent Kevin Corke said in his report on the trial. “He was especially upset with attorney Bruce Castor, as you pointed out for his quotes, rambling opening argument. The former president spending the day watching the trial from inside his private quarters at Mar-A-Lago, no golf with the very same plan for tomorrow.”

“Meanwhile, at a time when he certainly could opt to reduce the political temperature in the country, Mr. Biden apparently is taking a pass, opting instead to not weigh in as his predecessors being impeached once again, despite what critics have called hypocrisy on the left, and a deafening silence from the White House,” the correspondent added.

via Daily Wire:

Trump’s impeachment defense team underwent some issues recently with numerous high-profile lawyers parting ways with the team just days before the Senate trial started this week. The Daily Wire reported at the end of last month:

Multiple reports indicated that Butch Bowers, a South Carolina lawyer who assembled the impeachment defense team, and Deborah Barbier, a criminal defense lawyer in South Carolina, were no longer going to be part of Trump’s team and that the decision was “mutual.” Josh Howard, a North Carolina attorney, has also reportedly left Trump’s team, and South Carolina lawyers Johnny Gasser and Greg Harris are also reportedly out. 

CNN, The New York Times, and The Associated Press noted that the team fell apart after Trump wanted them to focus on claims that the election was stolen from through election fraud — a claim that former Attorney General William Barr, a favorite in Trump world, had completely dismissed as false. The lawyers reportedly said no, and that was when the parties decided to part ways.

The very next day, the former president announced the new team that would be representing him in the Senate impeachment trial. In a statement released by Trump, he noted that he “highly respected” both Schoen and Castor. He also stated the argument the legal team would be focusing on is the unconstitutionality of the trial.

It’s not very promising when your team flubs the opening of the game. However, it could have simply been a case of nerves that caused the whole thing to sort of unravel. We’ll have to wait and see how the trial turns out before judging the full performance of these individuals.