New Report Says CIA Filed A ‘Crimes Report’ With DOJ Over Russia-Taliban Bounty Leak

According to new reports, the Central Intelligence Agency officially requested the Justice Department to open up a criminal investigation into the leaking of classified information related to an alleged plot by a unit of Russian spies who were offering bounties to Taliban fighters for targeting US troops in Afghanistan.

This whole story just keeps getting worse and worse.

Trump national security adviser Robert O’Brien, who has been serving in his position in the current administration since September of 2019, dropped the bomb on this while speaking with reporters outside the White House on Monday, while defending the president’s handling of the “raw intelligence.”

O’Brien stated that the U.S. military has force protection measures, which are strictly a precaution, firmly in place and condemned the leaks, saying they’ve hampered the intelligence community’s ability to uncover the truth concerning this situation.

Here’s more from The Washington Examiner:

“Some leaker, whoever it is, and I understand that there has been a crimes report filed by the CIA with the Department of Justice — some leaker took it upon themselves in an effort to attack the president or maybe promote some policy agenda to leak allegations that now make it almost impossible to find out what happened,” O’Brien said.

The national security adviser, who previously worked as Trump’s special envoy for hostage affairs, said that if the intelligence community ends up concluding that the intelligence is verified, then there will likely be consequences for Russia.

“First of all, if it’s true, there’ll be a lot of outrage,” O’Brien said. “But what I want to get into is on this Russia issue. There has been no administration since the end of the Cold War that has done more to push back on Russia — as our Cold War presidents did against the Soviet Union — that this president, including sending Javelin anti-tank missiles to the Ukraine, which the previous Obama-Biden refused to do.”

The big question on everyone’s mind is how this might effect Trump’s reelection efforts. Given the fact we’re in the thick of a major election year, that’s really not all that surprising. Everything is going to be made into a big deal, no matter if the event that transpires is significant or minor in scope.

However, this situation is very concerning. Some folks on the left, such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi believe that Russia has dirt on Trump and is using it to force him to keep intelligence efforts out of their affairs.

Whether that’s true or not, we cannot say for sure, but given all of the investigations into the president, it seems confident to side on Pelosi’s claim being absolutely bogus. They probed the man’s connections with Russia for two straight years. If they couldn’t find out something by then, they truly are incompetent.

Here’s to hoping the truth is uncovered and our troops are protected and safe from those who wish them harm.