New Report Reveals That COVID Killed 14% Of NY’s Nursing Home Population

You know who really needs a bit more criticism for their very crappy handling of the COVID-19 pandemic? New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. In fact, no matter how much of a metaphorical beating he takes by people in the press, it will never be enough.

Not after his poor decision making led to the deaths of thousands upon thousands of folks in nursing homes. The man deserves criminal charges.

via Daily Wire:

His March 25 mandate that nursing homes accept COVID-positive patients on short notice whether they were equipped to isolate and care for them or not is arguably one of the most disastrous policies anyone in the U.S. enacted during the pandemic. To avoid necessary scrutiny over the mandate, the Cuomo administration undercounted the deaths by including thousands of nursing home patient deaths with hospital deaths, since the patients were transferred to hospitals prior to their death.

Now the real numbers have been released (as much as you can trust the Cuomo administration after it lied about the number of nursing home deaths), and they reveal that nearly 13,000 people died in New York nursing homes due to COVID-19. The Empire Center, a non-partisan think tank, reported that number accounts for 14% of New York’s “pre-pandemic nursing home population.”

The numbers are shocking, but the Center included more information about the other 49 states and Washington, D.C., reporting that the national average of nursing home deaths was 12% of the pre-pandemic nursing home population. This means New York was above average in nursing home deaths (other populous states, like California and Florida, were below average).

This should go without saying, but Cuomo needs to be impeached. Can you imagine if a conservative governor had done something this stupid? There would be calls for criminal charges and all kinds of protests demanding he be removed from office.

Yet that’s not happening with Cuomo. Instead, it seems the left are trying to overlook his faults and failures here so they have an ally in this important state.

The hypocrisy is pretty disgusting.