New Report Reveals Lincoln Project Shares Personnel, Address With Liberal Election Groups

The Lincoln Project, which is basically just a group of Republican establishment operatives who hate Donald Trump with a passion, claims that it is an organization that supports conservative values. However, the group also shares outside personnel, an address, and even some donors with a number of progressive groups.

Big shock, right?

via The Free Beacon:

Records show the group’s custodian of records, Melissa Nissen, is also the treasurer of Forward Majority, a progressive group that works on state races, as well as the managing director of Capitol Compliance, a financial management firm that receives large sums from liberal committees. In addition, the Lincoln Project shares a Washington, D.C., post office box with Forward Majority and Defend the Vote, a progressive voting group.

It also has explicit ties to Democratic leadership. The Lincoln Project’s top donors include two groups aligned withSenate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.)—the dark money nonprofit Majority Forward and the Senate Majority PAC. Combined, both groups showered the Lincoln Project with nearly $2 million in cash. The Lincoln Project, in turn, didn’t just attack Trump but also Republican Senate candidates, including Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in the Georgia runoff elections. When Loeffler and Perdue lost, control of the Senate flipped to Schumer and the Democrats.

Democratic megadonors, such as hedge fund manager Stephen Mandel and Hollywood music mogul David Geffen, have written checks for the Lincoln Project. The group has also received six-figures in donations through the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a liberal dark money incubator managed by Arabella Advisors.

“The Lincoln Project is fully integrated into the infrastructure of Democratic Party politics,” said Joe Gierut who serves as the communications director for America Rising, which has been a very vocal critic of the Lincoln Project’s activities. “Its donors are the same. Its vendors are the same. Its goals are the same. Anyone denying that the Lincoln Project is not a Democrat front group is kidding themselves.”

Oh and let’s not forget the fact that one of the founders of the group, John Weaver, is now being accused of exploiting his power in an attempt to get men, including a 14-year-old boy, to have sex with him.

Weaver offered jobs in politics in exchange for sexual favors with the young men. Totally disgusting, right?

These are not true conservative people. Individuals involved in this group have made that abundantly clear by their actions to sabotage this great nation of ours, simply because they hated Donald Trump on a personal level.

That’s about as far from conservatism as one can get.