New Report Reveals Desperate Measures Russian Soldiers Are Taking To Avoid Fighting

A new report from  the U.S. Sun is saying that Russian forces that invaded Ukraine have now become so demoralized that they are using Ukrainian ammunition to shoot themselves in the legs in order to avoid further fighting.

The outlet reported that Russian troops scavenge for Ukrainian ammunition to use that they can get medical treatment without it look like their wounds were self-inflicted.

via Newsmax:

A conversation between Russian soldiers was intercepted by Belarusian media outlet NEXTA, according to the Sun. One Russian soldier is reportedly heard saying: “They’ve been shooting at us for 14 days. We’re scared. We’re stealing food, breaking into houses. We’re killing civilians.

“Russian officers shoot themselves in the legs to go home. There are corpses everywhere,” the soldier allegedly said.

NEXTA posted a tweet on Thursday stating, “Another intercepted conversation … shows how demoralized and broken the invader army is: #Russian occupiers look for ‘#Ukrainian ammunition’ to shoot themselves in the legs and go to the hospital.”

Newsweek reported late last month that captured Russian soldiers say they do not want war and wish to go home according to a translation of a viral video.

A Russian soldier is reported to have said in the video, “We were told we were being sent for training at first, but we were put on the frontline. People were demoralized and didn’t want to go, but they said you will become public enemies. We do not want this war. We just want to go home, and we want peace.”

It’s pretty hard to argue with the idea that the main villain of this story is without a doubt Russian President Vladimir Putin. Clearly, he’s the one who is pushing this campaign further.

That’s not to say there aren’t troops of his that are totally on board with the invasion. However, there may not be as many supporters in their military as some might assume.

Regardless, let’s hope for a peaceful end to this conflict.