New Report Reveals Cuomo Nursing Home Order Is Linked To 1,000 Additional Deaths

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s guidance directing nursing homes to accept COVID-19 positive residents back in March of last year has now been linked to an additional 1,000 deaths according to a government watchdog group called the Empire Center for Public Policy.

Man, this mess with Cuomo just keeps getting worse and worse. Why has he not stepped down from office already? He needs to go.

via Washington Examiner:

“Statewide, the findings imply that COVID-positive new admissions between late March and early May, which numbered 6,327, were associated with several hundred and possibly more than 1,000 additional resident deaths,” the report read.

The March 25 advisory has embroiled Cuomo in a scandal over reports that his administration purposely withheld the true death toll due to COVID-19 in New York nursing homes. Cuomo amended the guidance on May 10, prohibiting hospitals from discharging patients to nursing homes unless they have tested negative for COVID-19.

“Further, admitting any number of new COVID-positive patients was associated with an average of 4.2 additional deaths per facility,” the Empire Center found.

The effect of the Cuomo administration guidance was felt most acutely in upstate New York, the report said. The disproportionate effect on that region’s long-term care facilities could be due to the relatively low rate of new cases there at the time, “so that even a single exposure would have had a larger impact on the level of risk.”

The charges of a cover-up over this whole mess began when Cuomo’s aide, Melissa DeRosa, told state Democrats in a private phone call that the governor and his administration withheld the actual number of nursing home resident deaths due to fear that President Trump would use that information against them.

Seriously, though, why is Cuomo still in office? Both Democrats and Republican state lawmakers agree that he needs to have his emergency powers stripped and should probably resign. Why hasn’t he done it?

Also, it seems that even Democratic politicians in the state are looking at impeachment if he doesn’t step down. One way or the other, this guy is probably going to be booted.