New Report Reveals CDC Updated Mask Mandates Due To ‘Not Enough’ People ‘Stepped Up To Get Vaccinated’

School child wearing face mask during corona virus and flu outbreak. Boy and girl going back to school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown. Group of kids in masks for coronavirus prevention.

The White House is now attempting to spin the current updated mask guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a response to low COVID-19 vaccination rates, just days after the administration promised they would not participate in pointing fingers.

Since when has a liberal or a progressive not told a lie? Seems pretty clear they are trying to push a narrative that says anyone skeptical of getting the vaccine is a racist or a bigot or is someone who doesn’t care about the lives of others.

“Unfortunately, because not enough Americans have stepped up to get vaccinated, they had to provide new guidance to help save lives, especially for those immunocompromised and children,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said to reporters Wednesday from aboard Air Force One en route to the state of Pennsylvania.

via Washington Examiner:

The CDC reversed its May guidance this week, recommending inoculated people in pockets of the country with high or substantial transmission of the respiratory illness wear masks in public, indoor spaces again.

Jean-Pierre emphasized that the CDC issued a “nonpartisan” recommendation, not a mandate. She also shrugged off concerns the CDC’s advice is aimed at people most likely to ignore it. The CDC is “a highly respected” federal agency, she contended.

“This needed to happen right. They are following the science,” she went on to say. “The science is a North Star. We have to listen to public health experts.”

Wednesday’s White House message contradicts the one top spokeswoman Jen Psaki pushed from the podium last week. Psaki had been asked about Alabama Republican Gov. Kay Ivey’s comments that it was time to start blaming unvaccinated people for the spread of the delta variant and rise in COVID-19 cases.

“I don’t think our role is to place blame,” Psaki said while conversing with reporters Friday. “But what we can do is provide accurate information to people who are not yet vaccinated about the risks they are incurring, not only on themselves, but also the people around them.”