New Report Claims Members Of Trump’s Cabinet Considering Removing Him From Office

New reports have surfaced on Wednesday that state members of President Donald Trump’s cabinet are mulling over removing him from office through the 25th Amendment.

These talks come right after a tumultuous day in D.C., following an outbreak of violent protesting that left one woman dead. The protest was part of a Stop the Steal rally held by the president just hours ahead of the Electoral College certification.

Several major news networks like CBS News and ABC News, say that cabinet secretaries have begun discussing the idea, but as of now, there’s no definite plan that has been put together and submitted that to Vice President Mike Pence.

via Daily Wire:

The House Judiciary Committee, controlled by the Democrat Party, called on Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

“President Trump remained silent even as insurrections broke windows, threatened U.S. Capitol Police, and scaled the walls of the Capitol,” the letter said. “Earlier in the morning, President Trump held a rally at the White House and told protesters ‘I’ll be with you’ and encouraged them to march to the Capitol to protest the certification of the electoral college votes.”

The New York Times added, “A source said the 25th Amendment discussions are staff-based within the administration and with some Republicans on the Hill, and that they’re not particularly focused but stem from growing concern about the next two weeks and the potential for insurrections around the country.”

The violence and unrest occurred not long after the president himself spoke at a rally that was held just hours before the Electoral College certification. Large crowds of protesters stormed into the Capitol Building leaving a path of destruction in their wake, which included broken windows, violent assaults on police, and the death of a woman who was shot by law enforcement as she attempted to enter a closed off area.

Lots of folks on the left and in the media are blaming the president for what happened, seemingly ignoring the fact that early in the morning he pleaded with people not to be violent.

Funny how when Trump does something that goes against the false narratives about him pushed by the media, news outlets act like it never happened.