New Poll Says Majority Of Voters Think Biden Suffering Cognitive Decline, Aides Doing His Job

There have been concerns about the cognitive abilities of Joe Biden well before he became President of the United States and took office back in January. In fact, rumors abounded during his campaign last year that he was not up to the task of serving as president due to his constant avoidance of interviews and the way he seemed to try and dodge debating then-President Donald Trump.

And this concern has seemingly increased as folks have seen the 78-year-old, who is the oldest man to hold the office, slow-walking, refusing to answer questions while holding press conferences, and looking extremely confused with the crisis happening in Afghanistan.

And, to top things off, not only has his approval rating dropped to its lowest since he took office, which is 50 percent, but a brand new poll has revealed that likely voters not only think Biden is not functioning fully in his cognitive abilities, but that his aides are actually the ones doing his job.

via Washington Examiner:

In the survey, Rasmussen Reports said 52% of respondents said they are not confident that Biden is physically or mentally “up to the job of being president of the United States.” And 41% of respondents said they are “not confident at all.”

Another 46% said they are confident in Biden.

Women, men, white people, Republicans, and middle-aged to elderly voters lack confidence in Biden, according to the survey.

The survey outlet also asked, “Is Joe Biden really doing the job of president, or are others making the decisions for him behind the scenes?”

Again, a slight majority, 51%, said others are doing his work, while 39% said Biden is in charge, down from 47% in March.

The numbers in this survey are worse than the ones that were first found from a similar poll conducted by SurveyMonkey after Biden had been serving as president for just one month. A total of 33 percent stated then that they felt Biden wasn’t mentally sharp enough to discharge the duties of the office of president.

“The polling shift from a third to a majority having questions about Biden parallel other findings that the public does not expect Biden to finish out his term and expect Vice President Kamala Harris to fill in,” the report said.

Well, since so many folks are worried about his cognitive abilities, perhaps it’s time that Biden take a test to assuage those fears. If he’s in tip-top shape mentally, he’ll pass with flying colors and we can breathe at least a little easier.

If he’s not, well, then he needs to go.

Even though that would mean President Kamala Harris, which is a terrifying thought.