New Poll Says Biden’s Lead In PA Shrinking Ahead Of Election Day

A new poll in the state of Pennsylvania has the lead in the presidential race shrinking for Biden, which is good news for President Trump and his reelection campaign with just one day until voters head to the polls.

However, just remember that polls aren’t exactly 100 percent accurate. That’s a lesson we all should’ve learned back in 2016, seeing as almost all of the major polls predicted a landslide victory for Hillary Clinton over Trump.

via Fox News:

The Monmouth University Poll gives Biden a seven-point lead (51-44) in a “high turnout model” and a five-point lead in a low turnout (50-45) model — in which a large number of mail-in ballots are rejected. That’s down from a similar poll a month ago, which gave Biden an 11-point lead in a high turnout scenario and an eight-point lead in the low turnout.

In the poll released Monday, among all registered voters, 50% support Biden and 45% back Trump. Also, 1% support Libertarian Jo Jorgensen and 4% are undecided or won’t reveal their vote.

“All eyes have been on the Keystone State from the start. Pennsylvania voters may have responded more than most to key events, such as the conventions and the debates. This potential for movement is one reason why both campaigns have spent so much time there,” Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, said in a statement.

The poll revealed that Trump has the edge over Biden when it comes protecting jobs and calling for law and order, while the former vice president has the advantage on handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Fox News reporter Adam Shaw writes, “The poll found that there had been movement in 10 swing counties in the state. Voters in those counties gave Biden a 53-42 edge last month but now go for Trump, 49-45.”

“The state, with its 20 electoral votes, is seen as likely to decide the election by many analysts. FiveThirtyEight founder and pollster Nate Silver said on Sunday that Biden becomes the ‘underdog’ if Trump wins the state. Both candidates held events in the Keystone State over the weekend and had planned appearances there Monday,” he added.

Folks, this is going to be one crazy election. Especially with all of the mail-in voting that’s been happening across the country. Here’s to hoping that people are able to get out there and cast a ballot for the candidate that will best preserve our republic.

Who that is should be pretty obvious.