New Poll Says 64% Believe Biden Won’t Run In 2024, Trump Will Defeat Harris

A brand new McLaughliin poll says that former President Donald Trump beats Vice President Kamala Harris in a head-to-head presidential race in 2024, which is made all the more significant by two-thirds of voters stating they don’t think President Joe Biden will complete his current term.

When participants were asked if Harris will become president before the end of Biden’s first term, 64 percent of voters in the poll said she would.

Even among Biden’s voters, 51 percent, and Democrats, 50 percent, many stated that Harris is likely to become our next president.

via Newsmax:

In a presidential contest pitting Trump against Harris, the former president leads 49% to 45%.

Trump leads Harris among independents (48% – 42%) and suburban voters (52% – 42%), but also takes 39% of Hispanics and 17% of African Americans.

Although Biden maintains a net positive job approval — McLaughlin said the president’s favorable to unfavorable ratings are close to 53% approve to 46% disapprove — it’s down from last month when it was 56% – 43%.

The president has a net unfavorable rating among independents (47% approve to 51% disapprove), whites (44% – 56%), voters over 55 (47% – 53%), and men (47% – 52%).

Believe it or not, the news for Harris is far worse. She’s favorable with less than half of all voters at 47 percent, while 48 percent of voters are unfavorable toward her.

And then you have Trump who 73 percent of GOP primary voters, including independents, want to see him run again in 2024.