New Poll Reveals What Voters Think About Keeping The Filibuster

A brand new poll has revealed that the vast majority of voters support keeping the filibuster intact, despite the fact that President Joe Biden and other leaders in the Democratic Party are pushing for it to go away with the Senate rule to pass election legislation, according to a poll that has been commissioned by the conservative Senate Opportunity fund.

via Washington Examiner:

The poll conducted by OnMessage, Inc. from Jan. 7 to 9 found that 53% of likely voters support the filibuster and 27% oppose it, while another 20% were unsure or had no opinion.

That represents an increase of support for the filibuster since June 2021, when 47% said they support it, 30% said they oppose, and 23% did not know or had no opinion.

Results are based on responses in an online survey from 800 likely voters, including an oversample of 408 likely voters states with competitive Senate races this year. The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5%.

“When only considering voters in states with competitive Senate races, the filibuster still had majority support: 51% in favor compared to 29% who opposed, with an increase from the June 2021 result of 46% in support and 32% against. The margin of error for that section was plus or minus 4.9%,” the report stated.

The current filibuster essentially means that most bills are not allowed to move forward to a vote for final passage in the Senate unless it has the support of 60 out of 100 senators.

As the Senate stands today, with 50 members of the GOP and 50 senators who caucus with the Democratic Party, a number of Democratic-supporter measures that pass quickly and easily through the House, which is controlled by the Democratic Party, are stalled in the Senate.

“Another poll question asked the likely voters whether they agreed more with the line of thought that the filibuster protects the United States from radical partisan ideas or whether it needs to be eliminated so Democrats can transform the country while they are in the majority. Half (50%) said the filibuster protects the U.S., while 31% said the filibuster is a relic,” the report stated.