New Poll Reveals Public Believes Pence Better Prepared To Be President Than Harris

A brand new poll from the folks at the Washington Examiner/YouGov have found that the vast majority of the American public are confident that Vice President Mike Pence is better prepared to take over the Oval Office than Sen. Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate.

The poll found that folks trust in Pence’s preparation to take over the job of president by a 20-point margin, with an amazing 56 percent saying he’s ready if the need should arise, while only 36 percent said he wasn’t.

Here’s more from The Washington Examiner:

This includes 91% of Republicans who think the sitting vice president is well prepared to be president and 28% of Democrats who agree. Among independents, 53% believe that Pence is well prepared, to 36% who do not.

The electorate is more split on Harris, who is a freshman senator from California. According to the poll, 49% think she is well prepared, while 44% say she is not. Independents are effectively tied on the question, with 44% saying she is well prepared, to 42% not. Democrats do have confidence in her preparedness, however, as 86% said she was well prepared.

If elected, Harris would be vice president under the oldest man to ever serve as president. Biden will turn 78 soon after the election, older than President Ronald Reagan when he left office after two terms. The same poll found 60% were concerned about Biden’s age. Harris’s relative youth, she turns 56 later this month, was a factor in her selection.

Now, before we all get pumped up thinking that means a lot of folks are supportive of the Trump/Pence reelection ticket, it’s important to note that of those surveyed, 51 percent feel Harris would still be a better president than Pence, while 43 percent said he would be the better option.

This goes to show you how powerful the attraction is right now to the Democratic Party platform. We should never underestimate the popularity of socialism in the broader culture. Lots and lots of young people are coming of age to vote. Many of these individuals come from public schools and universities where they have socialism drilled into their heads.

Still, it’s promising that so many people have faith that Pence is ready to be our leader if something awful should happen to the president. That’s a bit of comfort.