New Poll Reveals Biden’s Horrific Job In Office Is Hazardous To Democrats’ Political Health

A new Republican poll in Michigan has revealed how President Joe Biden’s current political vulnerability is proving to be rather troublesome for House Democrats as they continue to struggle to keep their majority.

Late November polling from GOP firm Cygnal for the new 7th Congressional District in the state discovered that Biden’s approval rating is a terrible 40 percent, with 56 percent disapproving of the job he’s doing in the Oval Office.

In the same survey, Republicans actually led the generic ballot, which was designed to gauge which party voters would rather have in Congress right now, by a whole 10 percentage points, 51 percent to 41 percent.

And that could spell disaster for second-term Rep. Elissa Slotkin in the upcoming midterm election.

via Washington Examiner:

The incumbent Democrat is running for reelection in the district, newly configured and stretching from suburban Detroit to the western outskirts of Lansing that Biden would have won by 1 point over then-President Donald Trump in 2020. Her image rates 39% favorable and 37% unfavorable overall but is slightly negative among crucial independent voters.

“Democratic incumbent Elissa Slotkin is well known, but not well liked in the district,” Cygnal pollsters Brock McCleary and Tiffany Beverly went on to write in the polling memorandum, prepared for Congressional Leadership Fund, the super PAC that is currently aligned with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

“Slotkin is politically polarizing as Democratic voters are uniform in their support of her,” the memo continued. “Republicans are uniform in their opposition and Independents are split. Leaving Slotkin with little room for growth in the new district.”

The district, approved by the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission and rated R+4, was drawn to deliver Republicans a slight advantage. But the seat is competitive. In 2016, it would have swung for Trump by 4 points; four years prior, it would have voted for President Barack Obama by 3 points.

Slotkin, a top Republican target in the midterm elections, is formidable. In 2018, the congresswoman ousted an incumbent Republican in the existing 8th Congressional District, a red seat. She won reelection two years later with 51% of the vote, defeating her Republican challenger by 4 points, even as Trump received 49.6% and won the district by nearly 1 point.

Slotkin announced on Tuesday that she’s raised just south of a million dollars in October, November, and December, closing out the year with more than $4.5 million in cash on hand. State Sen. Tom Barrett, who is her main Republican Party challenger, has raised more than $310,000 after coming into the race during the midway point in the fourth quarter.

“Barrett isn’t your grandfather’s Republican,” Elena Kuhn, a spokeswoman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said speaking of the state senator. “He’s a right-wing extremist more interested in his political career than supporting workers and families in mid-Michigan.”

People are not happy with Biden’s job performance and since they can’t vote him out of office until 2024, they are taking out their frustrations on other Democrats who represent the same radical values, which is why so many on the left are panicking about the midterms.

They’re terrified.

And they should be.