New Poll Portrays Bernie Sanders Supporters As Angry, Low Information Voters. We Could’ve Told Them That!

Polls can tell us a fair amount about presidential hopefuls, like which of their fellow candidates they’ll likely beat or lose to, how popular they are with certain states, demographics, and so on.

Polls can also go the other way, however, and tell us an awful lot about the supporters of certain candidates. In the case of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters, the latest poll doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

The results of the poll debuted on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and revealed that Sanders supporters are exponentially more likely to be viscerally angry and woefully lacking in well-rounded information about the issues shaping today’s political climate.

Heck, I could’ve told them that for half price.

Watch Chuck Todd and his fellow lefties cackle over Bernie’s recession in overall polling and the fact that the bulk of his supporters seem to get their knowledge of politics from Facebook memes:

“The less you are paying attention, the more likely you are a Bernie Sanders supporter,” Todd said, referring to a recent Monmouth poll that demonstrated Sanders’ clear loss of traction in the race against Creepy Uncle Joe and late-blooming lefty Elizabeth Warren and implied that Sanders voters are “low information.”

Todd’s panel rather giddily mulls over this statement, arguing that Warren has done a far better job campaigning and focusing on the big issues—like impeaching the president and refusing to do a Fox News townhall.

My word, I need an aspirin.

Predictably, the Sanders supporters of the Twitterverse didn’t take too kindly to their self-proclaimed role as the most informed, progressive voters being challenged.

Rather than respond to actual claims made—who has the time to do that?—the triggered masses accused Todd and NBC of being corporate stooges for the establishment Democrats like Biden:

Others decried NBC and other members of the mainstream media as the propaganda arm of the Democrat party Sanders and his fellow socialists are trying so desperately to co-opt and revolutionize:

Others were triggered by the mere statement of any objective facts about Sanders and his supporters. Literally anything that satisfies their martyr complex is “anti-Bernie propaganda”. It’s frightening.

While it’s crystal-clear that Sanders all but had the 2016 nomination stolen from him, this election cycle isn’t the same scenario at all. Bernie started off a forerunner right out the gate and held a pretty decent majority of poll votes throughout 2020 Dem-ageddon. He simply isn’t faced with the same uphill battle he was on the last go-round, so his supporters really have no excuse on that one.

Maybe it’s because the dude’s policies are just plain crazy, there are still some fairly sane Democrats who aren’t raging socialist totalitarians, and he’s not fit to lead a fishing boat, let alone a free nation. But what do I know?