New Poll Indicates Veterans Support Trump Sending Troops To Southern Border

A recently conducted poll shows that the vast majority of U.S. veterans are totally in favor of President Trump’s handling of the military and are supportive of his sending troops to the southern border to help deal with illegal immigration happening down near that region of the country.

This isn’t all that surprising when you look at how Trump has treated the troops and compare it with how Obama treated them.

via Daily Wire:

The Pew Research Center poll found that 57% of veterans surveyed approve of Trump’s performance as Commander in Chief of the U.S. military, while 58% want Trump to send the troops to the southern border. A giant schism was revealed between veterans who are Republicans (59%) and those who were Democrats (39%). 92% of Republican veterans approved of Trump as Commander in Chief; a paltry 6% of Democrats felt the same way.

Additionally, 89% of Republican veterans approved of sending the troops; only 12% of Democratic veterans agreed. A majority of veterans (53%) also approved of Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. Again, there was a partisan divide; 82% of Republican veterans approved; only 11% of Democratic veterans agreed.

Pew noted, “Fully 78% of Republican veterans say Trump respects the country’s veterans a great deal, compared with just 4% of Democratic veterans who say this. Instead, a majority of Democratic veterans say the president doesn’t respect veterans much (43%) or at all (43%).”

Another salient difference: 95% of Republican veterans thought military spending should either be increased or stay the same; only 63% of Democrat veterans agreed.

The situation at the southern border is deteriorating on a daily basis and more folks are flooding into our country, creating serious logistical issues and spikes in criminal activity.

Action needs to be taken to curb this issue before border cities become completely overwhelmed with illegal immigrants that they don’t have the resources to take care of.

If the government isn’t going to give the funds necessary to build the wall, then this other course of action needs to happen. It’s that simple.