New Poll Finds 45% Of Queer Men Backing Trump For President

A new poll from a “queer dating app” has revealed that a stunning 45 percent of American men who identify themselves as queer are going to be pulling the lever for President Trump this November.

This is actually a pretty shocking number, given the fact that in the past, queer men have traditionally voted for the Democratic Party.

A survey conducted by international queer dating app Hornet has found that 45 percent of 1,200 queer American male respondents said they plan to vote for Trump in this year’s election.

via Daily Wire:

Hornet outlined: “Of the 10,000 men Hornet surveyed, 12% identified themselves as U.S. citizens. Of those 1,200 American men, 51% answered they would be voting for Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election, while 45% — just shy of one-half — said they would be casting their ballot for Donald Trump.”

“Queer,” once a derogatory term for gay men, is now largely knows as an identifier for people with sexual preferences or “identities” outside of being “cis-gender” and/or heterosexual.

“Queer men have always voted reliably Democratic. Until now,” LGBT site Pink News said Tuesday.

The site was none too happy with these results, stating that a queer man backing Trump is abandoning their “morals.” Yes, that’s right. The left thinks all queer folk should be voting the same way, part of a hive mind and collective rather than being individuals who can make up their own minds on important issues.

It’s perfectly acceptable for all individuals to think for themselves, engage with the information they have available on the issues that concern them, and draw their own conclusion for who they should be showing support for when it comes to political candidates.

Thinking for yourself is the hallmark of liberty, which is why the left hates it when people break from the groupthink and participate in critical thinking.