New Politico Poll Reveals ‘Declining Support’ For Giving Citizenship To Illegal Migrants

A brand new poll released on Politico says that support among Americans for giving a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants is “declining,” even among left-wing voters.

The Politico/Morning Consult poll, published on Wednesday, says that 43 percent of voters overall think illegal immigrants who are now living in the United States should be able to become legal citizens, which is a 14 point downward slide since January.

via Newsmax:

With Democrats, support plunged from 72% to 57% during that time period. Meanwhile, only 1 in 4 Republicans backs the idea, a number that dropped by 10 percentage points.

Of those polled, another 19% said illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay and become legal residents, but not citizens, and 27% said they should be removed or deported.

People polled were tied on whether they believed the immigration system was better when former President Donald Trump was in charge or if it’s better under President Joe Biden.

A total of 40 percent of voters said that things got worse under Trump while 12 percent stayed the same and another 40 percent believe things got better.

With Biden, 40 percent said it got worse, 24 percent said it stayed the same, and only 23 percent believe it’s gotten better.

A whopping 50 percent of voters think we are currently facing an illegal immigration crisis.

When it comes to young people brought into this country as children, 62 percent of voters think they should be allowed to stay and become citizens, while 16 percent said they could stay but not become citizens, and 14 percent believe these kids should be deported.

We are a nation of laws. If someone can’t respect the laws we have in place to keep our country safe, why should we allow them the privilege of being a citizen?