New Pictures Emerge Showing CA Gov. Gavin Newsom At Fancy Restaurant Disregarding COVID Protocols

Local news outlet FOX 11 News in the city of Los Angeles says they have obtained exclusive pictures that show Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom “allegedly eating at the French Laundry restaurant,” located in Napa Valley, earlier in the month not complying with mandatory guidelines put out by the California Department of Health.

The images were reportedly passed on to the news outlet by an unidentified woman who attended the restaurant on November 6, the night Newsom showed up and ignored COVID protocols.

“It was a very large group of people, shoulder to shoulder, something he’s always telling us not to do,” the woman told FOX during a telephone interview. “It was a bit annoying, for sure.”

The governor has faced harsh criticism after a report published by the San Francisco Chronicle last week revealed he had attended the dinner party that “brought together at least 12 people to celebrate the 50th birthday of Jason Kinney,” described as a lobbyist and “longtime friend and political adviser to Newsom.” State guidelines at the time prohibited social gatherings that included more than three households and have since become even more restrictive. “Representatives for Kinney and Newsom declined to specify how many households the diners represented, but did not dispute that it was more than three,” the report said.

When Newsom apologized for making “a bad mistake” on Monday, he described the dinner as taking place at an “outdoor restaurant” in a county that, on Nov. 6, imposed “relatively loose” restrictions.

The FOX report says that the “photo appears to show the dinner being mostly indoors with sliding glass doors opened up for air.” The anonymous source for the pictures also said that the doors were closed at some point due to noise complaints.

A spokesperson for Mr. Kelly said, “The guests and the restaurant followed all applicable state and county public health guidance. The guests specifically required outdoor seating. And that’s outdoor seating, as confirmed and provided by the restaurant.”

When the local FOX affiliate reached out to the governor’s office, they were told to look at his previous apology over the fiasco.

“As soon as I sat down at the outside table, I realized it was a larger group than I had anticipated,” Newsom said when speaking of the incident. “Instead of sitting down, I should have stood up and walked back to my car and drove back to my house.”

“The spirit of what I’m preaching all of the time was contradicted, and I’ve got to own that,” the governor continued. “I need to preach and practice, not just preach and not practice. And I’ve done my best to do that. We’re all human; we all fall short sometimes.”

Well, that’s a bunch of hypocrisy, isn’t it?

If this illness is as bad and dangerous as so many on the left have claimed, why have we witnessed so many individuals from the Democratic Party in positions of leadership not abiding by the guidelines and mandates?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi violated a mask order and this guy, a governor disregarded a lot of policies he’s led the charge on. Why?

Is it possible coronavirus is more so about how to control the masses than it is the illness itself? Just something to think about.